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How To Drive Hybrid


Toyota Hybrid Driving Tutorial

Copy and Paste the link before to watch the video to see just how easy it is to Drive a Hybrid

  • All Toyota Hybrid cars are automatic.  There is no clutch, so you are never required to use your left foot.
  • To start your car, press your right foot firmly onto the brake pedal and press the power button next to your steering wheel.
  • There are three key positions for the drive selector, Park (P), Drive (D) and Reverse (R).  You must press your right foot on the brake pedal in order to move the drive selector, then select ‘D’ to move forward or ‘R’ to reverse.  You never need to change gears while driving
  • Once you lift your foot off the brake pedal, the car will move forward slowly.  Press firmly on the brake pedal to prevent the car from moving.  You can use the ‘brake hold’ button if you are stopped for a short time, or select ‘P’ for longer stops, such as tolls or parking meters.
  • To turn off your Toyota Hybrid, press your right foot firmly on the brake pedal, select ‘P’ with the drive selector and press the power button.