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As a part of your fleet, Toyota Hybrids make perfect sense and work hard to save your business money. They don't just deliver a lower Total Cost of Ownership, a high standard specification and low CO2 emissions, they look great on the road too.
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Drive like you always have

Designed with ease in mind. Toyota petrol electric hybrids switch seamlessly between power sources, which means you can drive like you always have.

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Emit less CO2

A cleaner and greener way to drive. Toyota Hybrid Electric vehicles emit less CO2 than the equivalent petrol or diesel car, with more than 120 million tonnes of CO2 worldwide saved over the last 23 years.

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Drive with confidence

We are so confident in our technology that every petrol electric hybrid model comes with a 15 year hybrid battery extended cover if you have a yearly Toyota Hybrid Electric Service.

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No need to plug in

Toyota full petrol electric hybrids do not need to be plugged in. Simply get in, buckle up and generate power as you drive.

Our range of small cars, family cars & SUVs

  • Drive like you always have

    Toyota Hybrid Electric models seamlessly switch between petrol and electric to optimise driving performance. The hybrid system means you can drive like you always have with no need to plug-in.
  • Small Fleets or Company Cars
    If you're looking for a company car or run less than 25 vehicles, please contact your local business centre.

  • Large Fleets
    If you run more than 25 vehicles the Toyota fleet team can help, from finance offers to booking test drives. Find your local contact by following the link below.